Empowering people through the process and in the becoming, from root to healing, whole and freedom ;




I am a WOMAN empowering WOMEN -- passionate about seeing people make moves, move forward and walk in all that they were created to do and be. And I believe it is much more fun to do it together.


I am a continuous process. Every process before this has been entirely rewarding, though tough in all of its sequence. 

I am a sucker for conversations over coffee, in the same way I yearn for silence in the dark with a lit candle.  I enjoy workouts that push me past the limitations in my mind + am overly excited when friends ask to workout together. And I absolutely love heart-to-hearts and power hours.  


My heart is for meaningful relationships and genuine connections so I center my life on focusing on the two -- walking it well and living it well. I believe we were created to be in relationship with each other -- why not be amazing at it?


You can find me in a workout, with amazing friends laughing hysterically at everything or engulfed in family time. Recently, a good read and last minute travel plans have occupied much of my time.


I am found at the end of ridiculousness and in awe of His wonder , at the same time. I am best discovered through conversation, random plans and spontaneous adventures. Everything I step into and walk out is never half-thought or half-done even if it seems so.


So Let's plant -- coffee in hand and with no time restraints.
You down?





Hardest of seasons tossed me into the greatest discovery of purpose and closer to the heart of Jesus. From it, awakened this audacity to choose myself (because I dismissed everything He put in me to release for so long) and cultivated a passion to intentionally walk alongside people (mostly women) to discover themselves unapologetically. I know what purpose + identity did to me ; I want that for everyone too. Let me also say, choosing myself isnt about this selfish stance to say no one else matters or to weigh more heavily on me that it becomes more about me than Jesus.


My posture to choose myself was to finally say, I am going to confront all of the things that cultivate the things not of God and allow Him to do it. Whether in my love-walk, my health and fitness, my spiritual fitness and my relationships. That I can choose to make sure I am well-watered in Him, poured into and sharpened just as I emphasize the same for others. I have to give myself permission to succeed and to also be real with myself. The day I chose myself, I allowed God to do his thing… and its a continuous process. You can choose yourself too. Its bold.



Passion was birthed from a place of heartbreak and healing where this awakening realization of purpose propelled me in to helping people maneuver through places that seem hopeless, discouraging and miserable. In my brokenness, absence of peace and insecurity, I realized depths to myself that was found in Him. I can look back now and see redemption, know restoration + realize purpose. It was the greatest adventure that provoked a whole slew of profound moments and an awakened fire that is my own continuous process to GOLD + GLORY. And every tid bit I received, is accessible to you in every GOAL MINE workshop and one-on-one GOLD MINE session --
whether mapping out goals, envisioning your business plan or pushing past limitations in your workouts, I'm here for it.




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Lauryne Wasan // writeme@laurynewasan.com // San Diego, CA