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GOLD + GLORY Coaching focuses on YOU  to call out the GOLD that is already in you to be who God has called you to become. Our Kingdom Coaching empowers you through the process



Gold + Glory Kingdom-Minded Life Coaching focuses on keeping the main One the main One, while empowering you through the process.

The process is the in between part of revelation to fulfillment. It is the piece between “okay now what” and “completion”. It is the space that identifies “something needs to change” but also desires solution.


It is the part of the story that recognizes it’s not the end but maybe just the conclusion of a chapter. It is the process dust sits through for refinement to the end product of Gold. It is GLORY TO GLORY. 

My passion and desire is to walk you through seasons and pivotal moments that ignites you into who you are Called to be and what you are purposed to DO to impact the world – in the next step, the next decision, the level up, the next season, the "now what."

Sometimes we are unsure what we really desire, what God is saying or we are unsure what He wants us to do with what He has said.

These are signals to stop and identify the weeds and debris that need clearing, that seeds that need watering and our hearts that need tending.. as you keep walking forward towards the big mission, the big goal, His big vision. Every blank moment is sometimes our cue to yield and it is a profound moment to lean into Him more.

And I am so sensitive and passionate about this space because when we are aware, this space has much purpose and power to glean from to ignite us into the next step and the level up.

I want you to imagine a garden.

You don’t always see every patch and acre in full bloom. The same cutters you choose to trim a hedge, would not be the same cutters you would use to cut down tree branches. And the cactus in your lawn, would not require the same amount of water as maybe, the orchid flowers blooming in vibrant colors but they are in the same garden.

Much like the process of plowing, preparing the soil, shoveling the dirt, reaping the harvest and waiting for nutrients to rejuvenate for the next crop, so too, is the process to our hearts desires, our biggest dreams, the profound moments of self-discovery, the learning point after the climb, the sea after the storm, the process of maturity and growing up.


There are things buried within us like a reservoir that need plowing, preparing, shoveling, watering. 

If youre sitting on the corner of GOLD and GLORY, unsure how to walk towards either -- the HOW or the WHAT -- I am passionate about empowering you through this process.

There's just one condition: Kingdom Minded Life Coaching is for those who are hungry to be set on fire for His glory and willing to do the work.


This is for the small portion of few who say, "YES Jesus” at the cost of losing my life to gain life in Him.




8 week minimum

Virtual meeting or local to San Diego

up to 1 hr per meeting

Workbook included


monthly package

12 one-on-one sessions

Virtual meeting or local to San Diego

60 minutes per meeting

Workbook included

Dates upon availability

Contact for pricing

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Visionaries Circle is an intentional space created for God to move and speak so we can gather together, tap into the vault of more and discover your treasure chest within.


This is a more interactive space for Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Dreamers and alike to come together. We focus on creating an intimate space to discover the, sometimes, buried dreams and visions, identify the possible roadblocks, and then create an actionable plan without overwhelm, obsession or the hustle + grind that usually wears us dry. 

This is a 2-hour workshop for those who are serious about walking into the scary parts of their dreams and ready to confront any fears that have delayed the process to success. But is also for the one who is ready but "now what?"

"Visionaries Circle can't be explained; it is something to be experienced"

The GOLD MINE is one-on-one Coaching for individuals who desire more in-depth sessions, not just to successful execution but to unravel some of the pieces in the process so that successful execution means freedom. 

These sessions are also ideal for any Visionaries Circle attendee who, wants further guidance on the things that were revealed and discovered in a Visionaries Circle Workshop. 

These sessions are offered upon availability and also available in San Diego and via webinar (but is not limited to).


It is recommended that a 8-session package (minimum) is selected to ensure the most effective time together. Add-on sessions available by request. Individual sessions purchased a la carte are also available

Sessions outside of San Diego or The U.S are available upon request. Please email for inquiries 




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Am I at a place of stagnancy but I know I'm purposed for more?


I often wish I had someone to walk me through this because I am unsure why this seems to be a long + repetitive cycle / it's just hard


Do I recognize patterns of defeat because of my self-talk, toxic thinking or lack of belief in who I am?


I often think, 

"Okay, now what?!"


From the heart

"The way Lauryne walks with The Lord is unique, impressive + bold.  I know Lauryne has opened the door for many women to find freedom + heart-change -- where she really tries to find the root of the problem.  She helps you dig deep to recognize where it all started but doesn’t leave you there -- she walks you through a healing process whether its through hopelessness, feeling undesired, identity, or rejection. There have been many times Lauryne has walked alongside me + pushed me to not give up. She reminds me of my God-given calling + who I am. She speaks life in to my spirit constantly. So many times I would receive a random text to ask me if I was ok today -- many texts asking if I needed prayer.One of the many things I love about Lauryne is that she is frank with you; no filter at times. Lauryne really goes above + beyond to help you with your spiritual life, that’s why she is so loved + so cherished. We need more real people in this world. I’m really happy + proud to say that I have such a person in my life."
- Sara C.