I am a WOMAN empowering WOMEN, passionate about seeing people make moves, move forward + walk in all that they were created to do + be. I am not a feminist because i think the future is male + female but I have a huge heart to create more spaces for women to empower each other, spur each other onto more + sharpen each other to confront details people may rarely address + speak truth in love.


I am passionate about walking people through places + spaces that bring healing + freedom.


I am passionate about empowering people into  understanding their true identity, ushering them into their calling + realizing their purpose far beyond their desire to just be healed  or be a wife (or husband). Purpose in us is ignited far beyond our wildest imaginations, our deepest fears -- beyond ourselves.


I am passionate about allowing people to see + love themselves in a healthy way that allows them to be effective in their love walk, faith walk + earth walk.


And I absolutely love coffee dates that entail heart-to-hearts + power hours.


You can find me in a workout, with amazing friends laughing hysterically at everything or engulfed in family time. Recently, a good read + silence has been my date choice. But either extremity will work for me haha.