2020 With Visionaries Circle

"Visionaries Circle is amazing, Lauryne. I love how you helped us unpack the process and helped us get clarity to be intentional for the New Year. The content is so valuable. There is SO MUCH. IT IS SO RICH. But YOU bring something even better with it. I have been sitting here with my workbook and my thoughts and I am so grateful. Your heart in all the details is so evident and I know this not only left a lasting impact on my life, but everyone else who also attended (and those who will in the future). Thank you for saying YES to Him to use your gifts, talents and heart for Him"

- Gracelyn M.

WOW. A new decade, a new year. I know we are well in to 2020 already but bear with me, lol.

I know it can all seem so cliche but there is just something so powerful about starting new, pressing in for a fresh word and the hopeful expectancy that comes with the new. I pray that as you walked into 2020, all that could have been, should have been and what you desired 2019 to be, was released -- that shame and guilt was not your story you were dragging into the new year with. And in the same breath, you did not drag any of the weight of 2019 with you. That reconciliation took place in spaces that rang with unforgiveness even with yourself. And you stepped into 2020 hopeful, bursting with hope and carrying a shout of VICTORY.

TIME OUT. If you feel you did not, this is not your cue for discouragement to settle in. But pause for a moment, and address what may arose when you read that last paragraph. Awareness is key more than settling into feelings that are not your truth. Address the thought process, write it down, surrender it to Him and then settle in prayer. If I can walk with you through this process to healing, freedom and conquering fears, please feel free to email me at writeme@laurynewasan.com

okay TIME IN.

I reflect on 2019 and how much differently it looked from 2018 and how different it already is compared to 2020 which is already projected to be crazy good. I am excited for this year, and I am not going to front and say this excitement takes place with every new year because uhm, that is not how I felt ringing in 2019. Jus saying.

I had stepped away from a lot to prepare for what I knew what God was positioning me for this year. There was the audactiy He was giving me, to fully recieve who He says I am beyond what I know in my head and as a believer: I am the apple of His eye, His delight, His daughter, an heir of The Kingdom, etc. But to fully grasp (or have a better grasp) of the specifics of my being that He created but that is IN me because of Him; the uniqueness and the profundity, that which still needs refinement, the tid bits that are valid even when they are not in use, and even when my words cannot articulate properly. And this is continuous even today.

Still, I feel God asking me to remain in a position to receive what He is showing me of myself that I would not be able to justify based on what I am doing (or not doing) to deserve that. This is detailed in my previous blog post, https://www.laurynewasan.com/post/what-looked-like-isolation-was-quite-the-opposite

The parts you only discover within yourself by being intimate with Him and the journey to self-discovery that is only found by walking with Him; and that folks, has been the entirety of my walk with Him in all of the most recent years. Sheesh.

So when He reminded me of Visionaries Circle and what He confirmed repeatedly in this space of "not doing anything" I knew it would be a full circle moment for me.

And it was.

It has taken me a bit (eeks almost two months *facepalm) to process fully while also listening to my body and the rest it required. Thankful for this time in my life that I am able to. I know it is almost a luxury to get to intentionally take rest that is scheduled because it is maybe more possible for me now without children tugging on my hem or a husband I am a wife to. I am utterly thankful and very much enjoying it.

Visionaries Circle has been a 2-year long process I did not see when I said YES. I have always felt the most fulfilled (not in the measure of my worth but in the measure of purpose and what God has called me to) when I get to create spaces that allow women (mostly) a space to reflect, encounter a real God and move forward in what He is asking of them in this moment, season, assignment. The Lord has always shown me the power in the process. And I am not necessarily referring to the process of perfection but the process in the waiting on Him, the process in our becoming because I know everything God has called us to do, we already have within us like a seed (The Holy Spirit within).

And as I continue on, it has been more about peeling back the layers and letting it unfold so that what needs to be released like a sprout, will.

And I love that space because most of the time some of what those layers entail are the playbacks of lies spoken to us indirectly and directly, the insecurities that come with past experiences and real fears of what people may think of us because the last time.... everyone had an opinion. I have been there also. Sometimes, there is still more to extract so I can continue to walk forward too, every single day.

I know Visionaries is circled around clarity in the overwhelm and successful execution without the hustle and grind, in our visions and dreams but Visionaries Circle was not a big dream, long thought-out process. It was this idea in the middle of intercession that resonated loudly. As I walked in it after the YES, I realized the profundity and the necessity of its existence.

Here is what I learned that has been effective both in my own walk and those who have attended. Here are five things you can effectively do on your own:

1. Gratitude cultivates joy

2. Creating a space (both in head-space and in the physical) of rememberance and reflection is necessary for the "next step, the now what and the level up" -- make room

3. Prayer is the most important part of it all

4. The overwhelm usually is created by an unclear action plan

5. The hussle and grind will cause burnout. So will an unclear plan and lack of strategy. It doesn't have to be this way though.


What is Visionaries Circle?

It is an intentional space prepared for believers to respond to God. For the individuals who want to walk onward into what God has for them -- dissecting and unraveling the pieces of their God-dreams and Visions for planning to successful execution, even if they those pieces and dreams can not be expressed yet.

Who is it for?

Visionaries, Dreamers, Entreprenuers, Creatives, Believers, Goal Getters, Dream Starters... but not limited to. I find that some people just need a place to unwind and unearth what is ALREADY in them and everyone is welcome.

What do you hope people get from attending?

Fresh revelation, clearer vision, real practical steps to move forward in their daily walks, confidence in their YES, a safe space for reflection and a deeper love for Jesus. Alot of intentional planning and prayer is involved for this space to come alive. It is my intention for people to come to a safe place to unravel in His presence so He can do what He does. The experience is different for each person but the goal is always the same.

What is covered in a session?

"Visionaries Circle can't be explained, it has to be experienced" someone once said. We go through clear and intentional planning so you can walk with clarity to do what Hes called you to do and BE who He has called you to be. We focus on reflection, cultivating gratitude, worship, planning and vision boarding. Every session is completely different but you can expect breakthrough and a space intentionally and prayerfully created specifically for YOU.

Will there be another Visionaries Circle or one like it?

Absolutely. Very soon. Stay tuned. For more information, next sessions and/or to subscribe, please go to www.laurynewasan.com/visionariescircle

Will you be joining us? Is Visionaries Circle something you need this year to help you continue on? Let me know! Would love to connect with you and would love to make sure you are with us next time! It is never too late!

One-on-one coaching is also available. You can find more information here or emailing "Visionaries Circle" to writeme@laurynewasan.com

"There’s so much that could be said about Visionaries Circle. From the details of the decor to the details in the prayers that are said over every participant, it is indeed a space to sit, soak, and set new goals into motion. We all went in to set goals. But for me, the GOLD was lin eaving with a deeper appreciation for relishing in all that happened the previous year. That time freed up space for more creativity in the new year."

- Tiff L.

"I realized I needed the time and place to process and receive because my callenge is my headspace. I received a lot of confirmation and learned alot while at Visionaries Circle that has allowed me to release the control and surrender. I really enjoyed it -- it was AMAZING!!" - Sandra R.

"God spoke to my heart especially about being intentional. I had an expectant heart and I recieved clarity from God. Thank you so much"

- Donna W.

"Being at visionaries circle was a time where I could release everything thing that isn’t meant to be in 2020 and in my life. In a moment of complete surrender and soaking, I was able to let go and receive his goodness over me. I am able to sit and be present just like that night. Now I’m learning to tackle my agenda and schedules to be productive and not just busy. I’m on a learning path to seek my purpose and the things God wants me to do with this life he gave me."

- Ana M.

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