I Am Light Series: Restoration ... After Breakups (Video Series)

It is so amazing to see a lot of the things spoken, prayed through and planned for in 2020, starting to come to surface this year. It is evidence of the way so many people still pushed through and prayed through all of the BIG things God was placing on hearts.

I got to be a part of one of the big visions one of my dearest friends prayed through and pushed through amidst all the behind-the-scene details we rarely hear about.

I got to tap into a different space of creativity to share a part of my testimony. Truth is, a lot of growth I have walked through is from spaces of heartache and brokenness. Each time, revealing more of myself and discovering pieces of me that demanded a response to heal or to remain the same. If you read my previous blog, you know the option I chose. And will, every time.

One of the profound truths from it all and presently, is this: TIME DOES NOT HEAL.

Though I believe time tells a lot, it does not heal. Sometimes it is dismissive to shut off our feelings in an attempt to avoid sitting in it and be tormented by it for too long, the "being over it" is not healing. That is the deception.

This I AM LIGHT Series, is a 5-part video series composed of five amazing women who have drafted up the courage to boldly share a part of our testimonies. I have sat with these woman over the course of this past year as we tapped in to pray through what we felt needed to be shared, ran through a ton of edited drafts and meetings to discuss the vision. And the power that is about to be released through these videos is going to be profound. whew. We sat in tears the last time we met, before recording and releasing. I absolutely love sitting with people and hearing their stories. Battles and victories that take place before we get to connect with the people God places in our lives.

Truth is, my entire message was changed at 3am the day we planned to film. I sat upright in the dark, mid-dream as if my alarm went off on a Saturday morning. And I don't set alarms on the weekends lol, let me say that much. I sat confused but knowing these are the hours, I know He has something to say. And that morning, it was, "Time does not heal wounds. Speak on that." And for the next two hours, words flowed effortlessly into this piece that is now being shared with you.

And so, the result of the yielding and some of the parts that have made me vulnerable are shared in these five minutes.

I would love you to join the rest of the series as they release for the next 5 weeks. It is a vision to celebrate life, created by Candice Miles, for her 36th Birthday. You can watch the entire series on YouTube.

If this resonates with you, comment below. Would love to hear about how God speaks to you through this and pray with you, if you are currently walking out a healing process now.

to GOLD + GLORY --


Song: You're Gonna Be Okay, Jenn Johnson *this song carried me through. If my thoughts and feelings could be penned in a melody, it would be this. I hope it encourages you too <3

Featuring Life Coaches:

Lauryne Wasan, GOLD + GLORY

Monisha Donaldson, Emerging Excellence @emergingexcellence

Creator / Producer:

Candice Miles @cmiles3085

Videographer / Editor:

Paul Champy @paulchampy

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