It Is Not Over. Keep Going.

I talk to so many people who say they do not have dreams or don't remember the last time they dreamt. I find most of the time it is because 1) they compare their BIG dreams to someone else's BIG dream and get discouraged or 2) they stop dreaming because the last time they dreamt, they fee like they failed. It leaves several people comfortable with not dreaming and several people discouraged and overwhelmed to map it out again. Do you find yourself there today? or have in the past? You do not have to remain there. I strongly believe that when an area of our life remains stagnant or we become complacent without growth, it points to a paradigm that needs shifting.

paradigm: a typical example or pattern of something If you have noticed an area that hasn't changed, it might be time to address it with The Lord for freedom, healing and breakthrough. It can sometimes be an easily avoided conversation with Him because these stagnant places can sometimes be ugly or scary to address. But it may be the one thing that may be preventing us from feeling like God has given us a vision for the future beyond what we can see currently. It may be the reason we are hesitant to speak up, serve in ministry, start a conversation, go on a mission trip, invest in business.. to simply GO! Beyond just our goals and dreams, God gives vision -- the things He shows us beyond what we can see around us. I know God has given you VISION for this year! VISION that He can only reveal that may not be evident right now. What do you feel like God has been showing you?

When there is no clear prophetic vision, people quickly wander astray. But when you follow the revelation of the word, heaven’s bliss fills your soul. - Probverbs 29:18 TPT

What are your big goals for this year?

What Vision are you walking to execution through this year?

Is there anything you need to ask for help in?

Unsure how to proceed? Make prayer a priority and remain in remembrance.

If I can help in any way, I love helping people getting through the parts of the process that sometimes make us feel stuck and/or overwhelmed. Let's build a practical plan that allows you to press forward without the burnout and the stress. If you need me, I am here!

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