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[from the archives, dated September 8, 2017]

When God impressed upon my heart to be the solution to the problems I was recognizing, I knew He would start to prompt me to birth the very things I needed/wanted -- what I wanted to receive, be ready to give. Similar to, if I wanted to connect in community that meant I would need to go + connect in community. It meant I wasn't going to wait for someone to ask me, invite me, talk to me first, connect with me first, or tell me which community, it meant going + finding it. Or, just starting a place for community.

In my reflection-spaces, I started to realize this prevalent + vivid commonality among the people around me, especially women. It was this: women have been taught to mute their voice, silence their emotions, ignore their feelings + disregard the doubts + uncertainties because well, "you're a woman of God, you shouldn't be this way." I even caught myself saying it over myself a few times while I sifted through the thoughts that raged war against me + as I tried to wrap my noggin around what-if's + truths, like sifting flour. 

So we talked about it a bit + then some. Sometimes it is about allowing yourself to process but disciplining yourself to recover quick enough so that you don't remain there. I think the "recover quick enough" push is our first instinct but we just don't realize the importance of processing  + allowing someone the freedom to process through the hurt -- the "release + vent, it's okay" kind of posture.

And we all do it. It was a commonality not just with women who were just getting to know Jesus in the church but for women across the board. There was a hole somewhere. And as I began to pray for the eyes to see those empty spaces + gaps, I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap of silence. So I did.

The Saturday we decided to launch TABLE TALKS, I arrived with great expectancy for God to just show up + wreck our entire lives. But I didn't know breakthrough would be like that; I didn't know fellowship would be like that; I didn't know connection would be like that; I didn't know that women who weren't already in community together would connect like that. And though there was no official agenda for the morning, I didn't think it would be like that. 

Nine of us gathered together at a cute coffee shop (we like cute + we also love coffee) where metered-downtown parking could have easily discouraged us all to turn away. For the entire two hours we stood on "I am engaged in this moment because I am here for you" + postured ourselves on "I am with you even if I have no idea what you're going through -- I am with you." No one  had to break down the rules or point out what we all were going to make this apace to be, we sat down + just knew. And I knew at that moment, God already had the details written out + He hand picked those who needed to be there. And He is going to continue to do so each month.

I walked away from that discussion, completely in awe of God (even more). I would love to share specifics + rave about the topics of discussion but then it would BLOG TALKS (heheh). You'll just have to find a way to us + join us. 

Looking forward to our next chat + coffee session together (next Saturday yay!)

Will you be joining us next Saturday? If you're not in San Diego, do you have something like this in your area -- where? I want to know! Let me know in the comments below :) (You can remain annonymous if you'd like)

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