The Power in Our "YES GOD"

I was sifting through wrapping Christmas presents, heading to dinner plans with my besties, and planning to be at Toys 4 Joy to support an amazing friend this weekend, and in the middle of what could have been, the hussle and bussle of Christmas, I hopped into reflection and gratitiude which ignited remembrance.

Can I share this with you, friend?

Recently, The Lord had to break off spiritual dementia and amnesia because I could not remember some of the promises He made to me unless I had them written down (learning lesson again on my part to remember the importance of journaling which I tell everyone about lol). "I dont remember" and "I dont know" took up space in much of my vocabulary until God sat me down in Jamaica two months ago to show me. I had not really fully seen the power in the break-up with those phrases until this weekend. And so this encounter with The Holy Spirit really rattled my core and ignited so much joy because I remembered and He reminded.

What seems like a decade ago, was January 2018 when I sent out my very first Visionaries text to a group of women God had in the circumfrence of my life.

But the amazing part, was in the middle of a weekend filled with more plans than usual, I heard His voice nudge me, "hey check your voice recordings from the last Visionaries." I hesitated because after my new iPhone was swapped, I realized my iPhone back-up failed and so, I lost several photos, recordings, notes, etc. Of course, Holy Spirit knows what's up. So I check.

It is amazing the things spoken over you when you see them come to pass. 9-minutes later, and I was balling my eyes out.

"Before today you were talking about Visionaries Circle. And it clicked to me. You are a circle maker. You have always been. Maybe previous times it wasn't called Visionaries Circle, but we are in this room as like the 5th generation of Circles you have created"

"I walked into your living room but did not see a living room. I want you to know that this is bigger than you think. I saw rows of people like, almost a conference, and you were with a mic standing on a stage. You are going to continue doing this. We are like your test group, your guinea pigs. And I am thankful I get to be the test and the guinea pig"

That moment God reminds you as reassurance that this is exactly where He wants you to continue pressing in, pressing on, and leaning on Him. I am with such great expectancy of not only the plans for January 4th but what is about to erupt and unravel until then.

Let me continue in remembrance ...

This picture was taken 10 minutes before VISIONARIES CIRCLE was detailed in a text. Literally. It’s not this vague memory from afar that this photo cues remembrance of. I remember it each time I reference profundity and power. What started as a simple YES GOD for vision boards + prophesy, was a prayerful space prepared for each of us thereafter. I remember thinking “okay, I’ll text the girls about it once I get to the car” (walking down this dirt hill that I probably should have not held my phone out for lol) but well before I got to the car, a text was sent out to 15 girls God impressed on my heart and in a matter of 5 minutes the first VISIONARIES CIRCLE was confirmed for 10 of us. I didn’t have the slightest idea how it would unravel when the text was sent. But I knew power was about to erupt and something pivotal in each of our lives would take place after I realized how fast my fingers texted the details. And that turned into all of this. 😱😍 incredible. Such a blessing to be trusted with this space and every heart that gathers. Excited to meet the next set of hearts for this upcoming session / space.

What seems like a decade ago, was January 2018 when I sent out my very first Visionaries text to a group of women God had in the circumference of my life. I had no idea the profundity and the depth... but man, the power in our "YES GOD" shakes and erupts more than we realize 🥰🚀💫

So even if you receive a word that doesn't seem possible at the time (test the spirit though. I am not impying to receieve it all) or doesn't seem relevant, watch it grow. If you are there today, be encouraged. Sometimes what is spoken and what comes to pass, are seasons and seasons between the two but its a magical process from there to now. Lean in, friend. love you.

Your Process Coach

ps. NEW VISIONARIES CIRCLE REGISTRATION Deadline is this Friday December 20th, 11:59pm PST. I apologize for the change of dates but it is wise for me to allot more time for preparation deadlines rather than a week before January 4th for preparation deadlines. Hope to see you there <3 register here:

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